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Mid South R/C  Park rental fleet!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to drive one of these high tech remote control race cars? Well, you’re in luck because Mid South R/C Park has a fleet of on-road, off-road and crawler r/c cars and trucks available for rental.  A partial list of available vehicles includes:

Redcat Racing

Blackout SC (Birthday Party Truck)

Blackout XBE Pro

Volcano 18

Lighting EXP

Thunder Drift


Everest Gen7 Sport

Rockslide RS 10XT

Renting a car or truck allows you to experience what this fast growing hobby is all about without investing a ton of money for all the gear! This program allows you to relax and have fun because we are there to help with vehicles, batteries and anything else that is needed to have fun.

Now these vehicles are NOT your cheap toy grade models either. They are legitimate hobby-grade cars and trucks intended to introduce you to the fun and affordability of the R/C hobby!

Rental Times*: (Closed during parties)

Tuesday – Wednesday: 10am – 5pm By Appointment:(Track Closes at 5pm)

Thursday – Friday: 10am – 8pm By Appointment:(Track Closes at 8pm)

Saturday: 10am – 8pm (Track Closes at 8pm)

Per Person Rental Rates:

TimeTrack onlyBrushed Car/Truck add*Brushless Car/Truck*
1st hour$10/hr$15/hr (Includes 1st battery)$30 (Includes 1st battery)
2nd & 3rd hours$5/hr$10/hr + Battery$15 + Battery
4th and additional hoursNo ChargeBattery onlyBattery Only
Battery RentalN/A$5 per car appropriate battery$10 per car appropriate battery

A $50 refundable damage deposit will be charged per vehicle rented.  While minor damages are to be anticipated, excessive damages due to neglect or misuse will be deducted from the refundable deposit amount.

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