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Opening statement

As in any form of competition there must be rules. Rules are useless unless they are enforced. These rules are not meant to intended to intimidate or offend anyone. Only under very unusual circumstances do we need to refer to these rules for anyone. These rules are used to keep our hobby fun, fair and family oriented. Thank you for being a part of Mid South R/C Park.

Code of Conduct

All visitors and members to Mid South R/C Park will be held accountable for their actions. Foul Language, Inappropriate Attire ( Offensive Racial, Religious, Political  and Sexually Oriented), Stealing, Physical Threats or Use of Drugs and Alcohol will not be tolerated. Any person found to violate the code of conduct will be asked to leave immediately and if applicable, their membership revoked.  Any persons physically threatening another participant, Stealing, under the influence of drugs or alcohol on the property, or abusing equipment will be asked to leave immediately and will be placed on probation.  Continued violations will result in being suspended from all future activities. 


General Club Rules

 These rules will govern all events.

1. Mid South R/C Park members, participants, manufacturers and race promoters agree to comply with these rules and regulations.

2. Mid South R/C Park may act at any time before, during or after the event to change anything that Mid South R/C Park officers believe to be in the best interest of the sport.

3. No implied or expressed warranty or safety shall result from publication of, or compliance with these rules and regulations. They are intended as guidelines for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury of any sort to participants, spectators or others.

4. Mid South R/C Park, its officers, directors or staff assume no responsibility, legal or otherwise for the failure or malfunction of any product or equipment used at any Mid South R/C Park event. Rules and regulations are available upon request to anyone who would like a copy since all participants need to know and obey them.

5. Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited at the Mid South R/C Park racing events, and are not legal at the track at any time.  There will be a zero tolerance policy when enforcing this rule.  If you do, you will be asked to leave immediately and banned from all racing activities for a minimum of 30 days. No exceptions. We are all here to have fun. So please don’t ruin that for others. We appreciate your cooperation with this. 

6.     Limit the amount of drivers per race

a)    No more than 4 racers in a single preliminary/qualifying race.

b)    No more than 6 racers will allowed in the “A” or “B” mains.

7.  All participants will marshal races when not driving.

Stop and Go’s

If a driver or pit person has done something illegal, the Race Director will instruct the driver to stop his/her vehicle and wait. You must stop your vehicle in a safe manner on the track.  The driver may continue in the race when the race director grants permission. This is a Stop & Go

Grounds for Stop and Go’s

  1. Unsportsmanlike driving
  2. Intentional car bumping
  3. Jump starting in the mains
  4. Short cutting (this includes pipe jumping at the corners)
  5. Driving against traffic
  6. Applying the throttle while car is being marshaled
  7. Any other action, including overly reckless driving, the director deems is necessary.

Track awareness: Marshals are there to help flipped vehicles and get stalled ones off the track. There will be no starting of a stalled vehicle on the track. We understand the excitement, so you will be warned once. After that we will start docking laps off of the qualifiers. This is to help prevent injury and it is not fair to the other driver that they have to slow down and maneuver around you. Guests and children should not be anywhere on the racing surface at any time. This is for their safety.

Drivers Stand

All vehicles on the track MUST be controlled from the drivers stand. No horseplay, yelling, or foul language is allowed on the drivers stand.


After you cross the finish line and the race is over or your name is called (qualifier) you must continue to move to the spot on the track designated by the director. While moving you MUST slow down and stay out of the race line to avoid any other vehicle still racing. Stopping at the Start/Finish line or in the racing line before full race is called, will result in loss of qualifying round.

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